How we work

As for travelers :

* Our web site, worldtraveltime, was designed in order to mange the direct contact between travelers & tourist companies in the countries they want to go to, traveler will write hisher request on its definite space (here), then the request will be sent to the companies existed in the country to which the traveler want go, tourist companies will reply directly offering the cost (specific price ), so the traveler will get different prices given by the companies that are already members on our site.

* The traveler will chose the price that is fitting with himher & then can contact the companies that made the offer.

* Communication between both of them (the traveler & the tourist company) will be direct & then our task will be ended as soon as e-mail of the customer was sent to the tourist companies & they began to reply.

Advice :

* Customeras to choose service first before price.

* In the case that price is cheap or expensive, the service should be fitted with that price, so that the customer is not surprised that price is up & things, not existed in the agreement between the traveler & the tourist company, were added.

* E-mails which are issued from the tourist companies & given to the customer must be clear & have the details of the whole tour; how many stars is the hotel? Is it close or far from the sea or the river? Does the staying full board, half board or no meals? Do the accommodations include touristic program or not? Are entrance fees included or not? Are transportations & guiding included or not? And what is the specific time for each tour.

As for tourist companies :

* Subscription to our web site is done as follow:

   - Push the word “registration” on top of the sit (here)

   - Register, write your data.

   - Then we review & check all the data hat are given to us in the application.

   - During one week the activation the e-mail of the tourist company will be done so that it will be reached directly for receiving customers’ requests.

* Our web site does not register any company has no official license for organizing tourist programs, reservations where the company is.

Any data given to us by the company, that demands subscription, are on its responsibility & in the case of cheat, change, editing out, or giving wrong information, the company will be charged & must afford all results.

* All sent data & information, from tourist companies, will be confidential.

* The task of our web site ends as soon as the e-mail of the traveler is received y the tourist companies (including travelers’ data &what are needed or hisher tour)

* Communication should be direct between travelers & tourist companies.

* All the e-mails that come from travel companies, concerning cost or price of a tour to our e-mail will be set aside by us the travel agencies shoud send the e-mails Directly to the traveler .

* The tourist company must follow the law, customs& traditions which are known worldwide.

* Any compensation, restitutions or refund resulted by ad service r mistakes will be afforded by the tourist companies in charge, then they, & also the traveler, do not have the right to ask for compensation or set an action or lawsuit.

* Our web site was founded to help the travelers & world tourist companies, concerning facilitation of contact between them, so that the traveler gets the best price & service without mediator.

The management our web site has the right to take away (delete) any tourist companies against which a complaint (because of bad service or high price) is presented.