When To Visit Egypt


Egypt Indeed Is A Massive Country With 390,000 Square Miles And It’s Apparently No Big Surprise The Climate Varies A Bit From Region To Region.

So Which Is The Best Time To Visit Each City In Egypt

October Is The Best Month To Visit Egypt, Shortly Followed By April

Though In Recent Years Luxor And Aswan Have Only Really Been Busy With Tourists During The Peak Months Of December And January. The Nile Valley Is Balmy Throughout This Winter Season, Although Cairo Can Be Overcast And Chilly. Winter Is Also The Busiest Period For The Sinai Resorts, While Hurghada Is Active Year Round. Aside From The Easter Vacation, When There Is A Spike In Tourism, March Or April Are Also Good Times To Visit, With A Pleasant Climate.

Best Times To Visit Cairo

Winter And Spring, From September To March, Are The Best Time To Visit Cairo Where Temperatures Are Lowest And Tourists Can Enjoy Many Outdoor Activities. It Is An Ideal Time Of Year To Visit The Desert And Enjoy Snorkeling In The Red Sea. The Summer Of Cairo Is Hot, And Hotels And Airlines Offer A Large Number Of Offers During The Months Of June, July, And August To Attract Tourists. If Your Budget For Travel Is Limited You Should Probably Visit Egypt During These Warm Months And Take Advantage Of The Offers.

Best Time To Enjoy The Red Sea

June To September Is An Extraordinary Time To Visit The Red Sea Beach Resorts. Despite Being The Peak Of Summer, Warmth On The Coast Are Much Cooler Than In The Interior. Average Summer Temperatures At Popular Beach Resort Hurghada Flutter At Around 84 Degrees F, While The Sea Temperature Is A Balmy 80 Degrees F—Perfect For Snorkeling And Scuba Diving. In July And August It's Essential To Book Well In Advance, As Resorts Can Get Busy With Vacationing Europeans And Americans; And With Wealthy Egyptians Seeking To Escape The Heat Of Cairo.

Best Time To Visit Sharm Elsheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh Has An Arid Climate, Generally Warm And Dry, Although Summer Months Can Be Humid. The Best Times To Go To Sharm El-Sheikh, For Swimming And Diving, Are The Month Of April, And From Mid-October To Mid-November.

Weather In Sharm El Sheikh


The Average Temperatures In Sharm El-Sheik Vary Greatly. Considering Humidity, Temperatures Feel Hot For About Half Of The Year And Otherwise Nice With A Very Low Chance Of Precipitation Throughout The Year. The Area Is More Temperate Than Most — In The 66th Percentile For Pleasant Weather — Compared To Tourist Destinations Worldwide. If You’re Looking For The Very Warmest Time To Visit Sharm El Sheikh, The Hottest Months Are August, July, And Then September. 

Best Time To Visit Alexandria

The City Is Basked With The Mediterranean Climate And The Summers Are Warm And Humid. The Winters Are Mild And Rainy With The Lowest Temperature Being 17 Degrees Celsius.

·March To June: This Is The Spring Season And The Climate Is As Pleasant As It Should Be!

·September-November: This Is The Autumn Season And A Great Time To Be In Alexandria.

The Summers Are Warm And Humid And The City Is Flooded With Tourists From All Over Egypt Where The Sun Is Harsher. Hence, Ideally, Avoid Being There In Summer!

Best Time To Visit Luxor And Aswan 

1. In Summer From The Beginning Of May To The End Of October:

The Summers In Luxor And Aswan Have The Highest Temperatures In The Two Cities, As Daytime Temperatures Can Reach 37 Degrees Celsius During The Day.

We Recommend That You Visit Them In The Summer Only If Your Holiday Is A Short-Term Nature, Three Or Five Days At Most.

2. In Winter From Mid-October To The End Of January:

In The Winter You Will Find The Weather And A Warm Atmosphere.

Temperatures Drop To An Average Of About 25 Degrees Celsius, Less Than Summer.

But Not Much To Keep The Atmosphere Warm And Pleasant To Encourage To Visit All The Landmarks Of The Two Cities.

3. Low Season From The End Of January To Mid-March

The Climate Remains Warm And Distinct, With Temperatures Averaging Around 27 ° C On Average.

You Can Enjoy And Enjoy The Sights.

4. Spring Semester From The End Of March To The Beginning Of May:

The Ambience Is Distinctive And The Weather Is Pleasant And Slightly Overheated As The Average Temperature Is About 30 ° C On Average

Best Time To Cruise The Nile

With This In Mind, The Best Time To Book A Nile Cruis Is Between October And April. Temperatures Are Manageable At This Time Of Year, Allowing You To Get The Most Out Of Day Trips To Iconic Sights Like The Valley Of The Kings And The Temples Of Luxor. For The Same Reasons, Travel During The Peak Summer Months Of June To August Is Not Advised. Average Highs For Aswan Exceed 104 Degrees F At This Time Of Year, And There Isn't A Lot Of Shade To Offer Respite From The Midday Sun

All Nile Cruise Ships Have Excellent Air-Conditions, And The Day Tours From The Ship Won’t Differ A Lot Compared To Staying At A Hotel.

The Pool On The Deck Will Get Quite Hot Starting From May, And This About The Time Visiting Luxor Or Aswan Starts To Get Uncomfortable As Well. So, Again, Rather Stick To Spring Or Autumn For Your Nile Cruise.