Question About Travel To Egypt

Here Are Some Of Question About Travel To Egypt Which Are Asked By Tourists Before Coming To Egypt.
1 – Is Egypt An Expensive Country?
No, Egypt Is Not An Expensive Country It’s A Cheap Country And There Are Many Categories For Everything. You Can Buy Something For 1 $ And You Can Buy The Same Thing For 10 $. So You Have To Find The Cheapest Places To Shop.

2 – Is It Easy To Move From A City To Another In Egypt?

Yes, Any Time You Want. Flights And Cars Are Available. You Have To Ask Your Travel Agent About That.
If You Would Like To Use A Train There Are Trains For Foreigners That You Can Use For Moving Among Cities. Ask Your Travel Agent About Them.
3 – Is It Easy To Exchange Money In Egypt?
Yes, There Are Many Banks In Big Cities And If You Stay In A Five-Star Hotel, You Will Find A Bank In Your Hotel And In Streets There Are Many Exchange Offices
4 - Can I See All Egypt In One Trip?
No, You Can't See All Egypt In One Trip. There Are Too Many Things And Places In Egypt.
5 – What Is The Best Hotel For Accommodation?
You Can Get The Best Hotel According To Your Budget. You Can Have A Quick Look At Accommodation Tips.
6 – Can I Go Safari Alone?
No, You Can't Do That. If You Want Go For Safari Trip, Ask Your Travel Agent Because Many Procedures Have To Be Done Before The Trip

7 – When Is The Best Time To Come To Egypt?

The Best Time To Come To Visit Egypt Is In Winter: From November Till April.
8 – Is It Cheaper To Come By Myself?
If It Is Your First Visit To Egypt, It Will Not Be Cheap But If You've Come Before Then You Became Experienced. You Can Write Your Requests Here: Request Hotel , Request Nile Cruise Or Request Package And You Will Get The Best Price From Many Hotels Or Nile Cruises Or Travel Agencies In Egypt With No Commission.
9 – If I Come Alone Is It Easy To Find A Tour Guide?
Yes, When You Start Your First Trip For Any Monument In Egypt There Is A Tour Guide There. If You Ask Him To Explain, He Will And He Will Stay With You During Your Trip If You Ask Him To.
10 – What Is The Best Way To Take Taxi?
In Your Hotel There Is Taxi Desk. They Have Fixed Price. They Will Take You To Your Destination Directly Or You Can Ask The Receptionist About A Good Taxi.

11 – What Time Can I Start My Tour?

The Best Time Is In The Early Morning, Most Sights Are Open.
12 – Can I Drink Tap Water?
No, Water From The Tap Is For Washing Only. Don’t Drink From The Tap.

13 – Do Egyptian People Speak English?

Most Of Them In Tourist Cities Like Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor And Aswan Speak English Or Even Other Languages.
14 – When Is The Cheapest Time For A Tour In Egypt?
In Summer, Becouse The Weather Is Too Hot.