1-This site is specialized in E-Marketing for travel agencies in all over the world.

2 – All the members, i.e. travel agencies, on the web site, are licensed and they have the permission to work in the field of tourism legally.  

3 – All travel agencies in the world should be licensed to do their work and they are responsible for their information & data which they enter in the site registration. 

4 – The policy of travel agency should be: “they have to do the best to make the traveler safe, happy and satisfied with trip and with the value of trip 

5- All deals between travel agency and the tourists are theirs, we don’t have any responsibility for these deals. 

All Travel agencies have responsibility for the tourists, make deal with them, make reservation with them, or make connection with them. 

6– Any Disputes Malle between tourists and travel agencies or travel agents get to them. There is NO responsibility come upon us or our Website, and there is no one have the right to ask us, or our Website, for financial claims. 

7– There is no right for any member in the website to ask for getting back the fees of membership (after making money transfers to the account manager of the website). 

8 – All the members in the website are responsible for their information & data, entered in the website, and they have the responsibility for the deals among them and the traveler, or customer, who visit the website.   

9 – As for any problem or trouble will happen between the member and tourists, that will be their responsibility together and we have NO responsibility for such problems & troubles.  

10- We are just an E-Marketing website, and every deal between a member and a customer is on their responsibility, only them together.   

11 – We have the right to change the policy and terms in any time without noticing anyone. 

12 – We have the right to remove the membership of anyone without telling any reason, in case of we know mistakes done by the member.