Food In Egypt

In The Early Times In Different Parts Of The World, When People Depended On Hunting For Food , Egypt In The Time Of Ancient Egyptians Had Already Achieved A Healthy & Varied Diet. They Had Also Raised The Preparation Of Meals To The Level Of A Refined Art . Paintings Preserved On Walls For More Than 3,000 Years In The Tombs Of Nebamun, Menena, & Nakht Are Among Many Which Illustrate The Elegance Of The Table Manners &The Variety Of Food In Ancient Egypt.

A Pleasure Cruise On The Nile, A Visit To A Pastry Shop In Cairo Or To The Market Place In Aswan Suggests That The  Interest In Good Food In Egypt Remains As Strong As Ever.

Egyptian Bread

Bread, Is Still An Important Element In Each Meal In Egypt. It Was Made By The Ancient Egyptians From Emmer, Wheat, Barley, Or The Seed Of The Nile Lotus.

Onion, Leeks, Radishes, Lentils & Beans Had Been Grown Throughout Egyptian History, And Were Exported At Times To Different Parts Of The World.

The Ancient Egyptians Also Extracted Sugar From The Lotus Root & Oil From Moringa & Balanos Trees, As Well As From Sesame Seeds, Which Are Still Used To Make The Popular “Tahina”.

Egyptian Fruit

Fruit Has Always Been Cheap & Abundant, Especially Figs, Dates, Watermelons, Grapes, Lemons, Pomegranates, & In Ancient Times The Lotus Fruit, Which, According To Homer, Made Foreigners Forget Their Homeland When They Taste It

Egyptian Snack Bars     

Food In Egypt , Dining Out Can Range From Stand-Up Sandwich Bars To Luxurious 5- Course Meals.

You Can Find Small, Inexpensive Establishments That Serve Good Egyptian Food For Only A Few Pounds. If You Are In A Hurry, Try The Local Snack Bars.

Egypt Food, As Little Stand-Up Shops Dispense The Egyptian Version Of Fast Food, They Are Clean & Offer Quick, Inexpensive & Nutritious Meals. 

Food In Egypt In Larger Cities Has A Western-Style. Fast Food Chains Like Mcdonald’s & Kentucky Fried Chicken Do Exist, But They Are Relatively Expensive. Food Is Safe Although The Change In Your Diet May Produce Short-Term Gastrointestinal Upsets.

Egypt Food

Most Natives Begin Their Day With A Light Breakfast Of Beans, Eggs, & Pickles, Cheese & Jams. Most Families Eat Their Large Lunch Around 2 Pm. & Follow It With A Siesta. They May Take A British-Style Tea At 5 Or 6 Pm. & Eat A Light Supper Late In The Evening. Dinner Parties, However Are Scheduled Late, Often Around 9 Pm. With A Meal Served An Hour Or 2 Later.