Fish electricity tips in Egypt

 It was the beginning of electricity in Egypt by French businessman Charles Libon in 1893. Egypt is one of the pioneers in this sector.

 And The Revolution of July is the beginning of real rapid development in increasing and disseminating of electrical power in Egypt. The system has evolved power generating, transmission and distribution. The maximum load of 125 MW in 1952 to 9850 MW in 1997-1998. Electricity created these jumps in each of installed capacity andcapacity increased from 423 gws.h 1952 to 62336 gws. Hours 1997-1998 .

 Egyptuse 220 volts


Dual outlet :

If you will bring your lap top and video camera or mobile charger in Egypt use Dual outlet like this photo . 


Triple outlet :

 If you have triple outlet like this photo 


Prang Joint electricity :

 You need to bring prang Joint electricity like this photo 



Or one likes this photo 




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