These are terms of the site for the members and the customers of the web site: www.worldtraveltime.com

Please read the terms carefully on this website and if you don’t accept any of our terms don’t use the website any way. 

- The word (Member) here means: travel agency 

- The word (Customer) here means the traveler who send E-mail request on the web site. 

When you use our site, you agree and accept these terms totally: 

1 - The information & data which you enter on the web site must be your real information & data, and the organization you enter is real organization and has a license for working what you said according to your data. 

2- You are real organization and you are real person and all your information & data are real. 

3 - You have to do your best at your work and give the best price you can offer for the customers coming to you from our web site “worldtraveltime” 

4 –   If you are a customer, your booking on this web site must be real booking, not false booking. 

5 – You are 18 years old or more and you have legal rights to use this site.  

7 – You accept the legal responsibility when you use the site between you and the other part and this responsibility is under your name and your account. 

8 – World travel time can change any information on this web site content without noticing any one. 

10 – In case of a customer's complain, a trouble, or something alike, World travel time has the right to delete any member (or a supplier) without telling the reasons. 

1 1- Our site “world travel time” can put a definite fees for the membership, or it can change these fees of the membership in any time without noticing any one. 

12 - NO one has the right to use the content, information or pictures of our website (except when one is given written approval). 

13 – We are NOT responsible for any problem (or any kinds of troubles) that may happen between member of the web site and the customer.