As Herodot Said" Egypt Is The Gift Of The Nile."

The River Nile Was, Still And Will Be The Backbone Of The Egyptian Civilization.

The River Nile Is The Main Source Of Water In Egypt (98 % Of Egypt Water).

The River Nile Used To Flood Egypt In The Time Before Building The High Dam In Aswan. Now The Water Of The River Nile Is Controlled And Some Of It Is Stored In The Lake Nasser.

Sugar Cane Is A Main Crop In Egypt. It Is Grown In Upper Egypt As It Needs A High Temperature. There Are Many Factories To Produce Sugar From Sugar Cane Like Armant Factory, Kous Factory, Nag Hamadi Factory And Dishna Factory.

If We Go Towards The North, Fields Of The Best Cotton In The World Will Be Seen. The cotton-18.html>Egyptian Cotton Is Exported To Many Countries To Be Used As A Material For The Best Textiles All Over The World.

To The North Of The Cotton Area, There Is The Rice Area. It Is Grown In The North Because It Doesn't Need A High Temperature And It Needs Plenty Of Water So The Climate In The North Is Ideal For It. The Egyptian Rice Is Exported To Many Countries In Europe As Well As Many Other Countries In Other Continents.

Different Kinds Of Fruit And Vegetables Are Grown In Egypt: Oranges, Strawberries, Guava, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Okra, Molokia…….

Most Kinds Of Fruits And Vegetables Are Cheap And Found Everywhere In Egypt.