Population In Egypt


Egypt Is The Most Populated Area In The Middle East, This Is Differ From Area To Another According To Climate The Suitable Condition To Practice Economic Activities Especially Agriculture. So, The Population In The Middle And South Areas Of The Nile Delta Raises Largely, Because The Normality, Soil Fertility,  The Existence Of New Agriculture Factors, And Urban Centers, This Especially  Apply To The Governorates Of Kalubia, Monofia, Gharbia. And Noticeably Decreases In The Ends Of East Or North Of The Nile Delta, Because The Change Of Soil Characteristics In Both Of Sharqeya And Behira Governorates , Or Toward North ( Kafer Elshikh Governorate), Because Of Raising Of Its Soil Dissolved Salts.

The First Population Census Was Held In 1800, At The Era Of Egyptian Ruler Muhammad Ali Bash.Where, The Number Of Population Has Reached 2.5million People, At 1850 Has Reached 4.5 Million People, And At 1882 Has Reached 6.3 Million People.

Egypt Considers The Second Country Of Population After Nigeria  In Africa, Most Of Them Concentrated On The  Nile Valley. Mainly In The Two Big Cities Cairo That Has 25% Of Population And Alexandria, And Most Of Them Are Living In Delta, The Coast Of

Mediterranean And Red Sea, And Suez Canal Cities.

The Population Density Average In Egypt Reached To 63.4 Pop./Km2, In The Nile Valley And Its Delta 900 Pop./Km2 Where 98% Of People Are Living There, While Their Areas Doesn't Exceed 4% Of The Total Area, So The Public Density Of Population There Considers Among The Heights Densities  In The World.

The Population In Egypt Now In August 2015 Near 90.000.000 Person