Classic & Grand Hotels

Worldtraveltime here will give you an idea about buildings that are very elegant, classic & grand.

Egypt has been visited by tourists much longer, so tourism as an industry has existed & developed.

The Greeks & Romans came here to visit the monuments.

Egypt has some of the most classic & grand hotels in the world, they are historic hotels. They were royal palaces before they have been converted into hotels.

Later about a century ago, other hotels for accommodation began to be constructed by people like Thomas Cook.

In Cairo for example there is Windsor Hotel, which is 3 stars & Mena House which is 5 stars.

The grand hotels of Upper Egypt became the playgrounds of the rich & famous. Kings & nobles could be found enjoying tea on the terraces, delicate women in white tabby frocks & gallant men took part in gymkhanas & paper chases. All sat down to elegant dinners served & entertained by imported bands hidden behind palms.

The hotels planted their own gardens, imported the best drinks, maintained their own laundries & power stations & provided libraries complete by up-to-date newspapers. No one is permitted to enter a hotel after 7 o’clock in the evening without formal clothes.

In Luxor there were Winter Palace & Savoy hotels, in Aswan Savoy, Grand, & Old Cataract.

Off all elegance for the Nile travelers; Old winter palace in Luxor & Old Cataract in Aswan.

* Winter Palace opened 1905 commanded a central position along the water front of the Nile & became almost as famous as Luxor temple. It created an exotic garden.

* Cataract hotel commands one of the most beautiful views along the Nile, It is perched atop a granite bluff overlooking the First Cataract, opened in the winter of 1899. Patterned after the Mamluk architectures that graced the medieval streets in Cairo, the dining room ceiling rose in 4 arches to a big dome. The 1st dinner served in this atmosphere celebrated the completion of the Aswan Dam on December 1902. By 1906 Cataract Hotel had taken a desert site & converted it into a garden paradise.

Old Winter Palace in Luxor & Old Cataract in Aswan are luxury, exquisite & historical hotels that are operated by Sofitel which is one of the most famous leading hotels operator.  

Worldtraveltime gives you here a list contains the names of some famous, classic & grand hotels in Egypt:

In Cairo :

   Mena House, Windsor, & Marriott

In Alexandria :

   Sofitel Alexandria Cecil, El Salamlek


In Luxor :

   Old Winter Palace – Sofitel

In Aswan :

   Old Cataract - Sofitel

In Fayoum :

Auberge Du Lac

Worldtraveltime advice: in case that you will not stay in one of these hotels, at least try to go for a fast visit from outside or have a drink inside, for sure you will enjoy.