Ancient Egyptian Religion

Ancient Egyptian Religion For The People Of The Nile, Who First Developed A Comprehensive Ethical Religion More Than 5000 Years Ago, Have Long Been As Herodotus Observed, The “Most Religious “Of Men.

Ancient Egyptian Religion Began As An Attempt To Understand The Changes Of The Environment, Especially The Unpredictable Extent Of The Flooding Of The Nile Every Year & Spread Into The Aspects Of Social, Cultural, & Political Life.

The Priests Were The First Scientists, Performing Surgery, Calculating Calendars, & Charting The Stars.

Given The Natural Basis Of Religion, Some Gods Were Conceived As Animals Or As Creatures Combining Human & Animal Features.

As Examples Of Ancient Gods & Goddesses In Ancient Egyptian Religion In Egypt

Ra, One Of The Most Famous Egyptian God. He Took Many Forms; Heliopolis Was The Center Of His Worship. Since The New Kingdome, Ra Was Mixed With Amon Forming Amon-Ra.

Amon, The Head Of The Trinity Of Thebes & A Member Of Ashmoneen. He Was Worshiped With A Human Shape Wearing A Crown With Two Feathers, He Was Represented As A Ramor As A Goose In Ancient Egyptian Religion.

Nut, The Goddess Of The Sky Who Was Represented As A Woman Bending On The Earth Geb , Her Husband & Brother . She Was The Mother Of Isis, Osiris, Set & Nephtes .

Sehkmet , The War Goddess , The Wife Of Ptah & The Mother Of Nefertem . She Was Represented As A Woman With A Head Of Lioness & The Solar Disc & Cobra On Her Head .

In Ancient Egyptian Religion Under The Pharaoh Amenhotep Iv , Known As Akhenaten  ( 1378-1362 Bc ) , The Egyptians Moved Toward The Concept Of Monotheism With The Sun Disk Aten Being Proclaimed The Supreme God Akhenaten  ‘S Hymn To Aton Bears A Staking Similarity To Psalm 104 Which It Precedes By More Than Three Centuries & Has Been Regarded As The World’s First Truly Monotheistic Composition .

Ancient Egyptian Religion During Most Of The Ancient Period, However, Religion Was Largely Centered On The Myth Of Osiris, Who Sat In Judgment Over The Dead.

The Myth Of Osiris Bears Striking Parallels To The Story Of Christ, As Does The Image Of Isis With The Child Horus On Her Lap.

In Ancient Egyptian Religion The Mummification Bodies Were Part Of The Religious Ritual. The Vital Organs Of The Deceased Were Removed From The Body & Stored In Four Canonic Vases.

The Detail From The Papyrus Of Hunefer Shows The Jackal God Anubis Weighing The Heart Prior To Entrance Into The Afterlife.

When Alexander The Great Conquered Egypt In 330 Bc , The Invaders Mingled Dynastic & Greek Traditions , & Alexander Himself Worshiped The Egyptian Gods .

Talking About Ancient Egyptian Religion We Must Say That Christianity Came Later & The Arabs Brought Islam To The Country In Ad 640, But That Is Another Story.