Valley Of The Kings

Egypttraveltips.Com Offer To You An Amazing Place You Have To See If You Visit Luxor, It Is The Valley Of The King On The West Bank Of Thebes.The Famous Valley Of The Kings, Which Lies To The Northwest Of The Temple Of Hatshepsut, Appears To Have Been Originally Selected As A Royal Resting Place By Tuthmosis I Of The 18th Dynasty.The Main Part Of The Limestone Cliffs Of The Wadi Walls, Called Locally “Gebel El-Qorn” Or Mountain Of The Horn, Resembles A Pyramid. By 1976 Sixty-Two Tombs Had Been Found, Four Of Which Are In The So-Called Western Valley.

The Theme Of The Decorations, Which Vary Greatly In Elaboration Though Little In Style, Is Always The Same- The Welfare Of The Deceased In The World To Come. The Sacred Place In Every Case Is The Terminal Chapel & This Will Be Preceded By Greater Or Lesser Underground Chamber, Connected Sometimes By Corridors Of Considerable Length. Golden –Brown Slopes & Cliffs Block Or Frame The View On Every Side As The Road, Twisting, Climbing & Turning, Penetrates Steadily Into An Increasingly Complicated Mountain Complex. Finally We Arrive At A Small Opening Where A Tourist Rest House Provides A Welcome Local Landscape.

The Tombs Are Situated In All Directions Around This Feature. Long Since Despoiled By Tomb Robbers, They Remained Neglected & Forgotten Until In The Early Nineteenth Century Curiosity & Cupidity Once More Took Over.

* The Tombs Of Tuthmosis III & His Son Amenophis In The Valley Of The Kings:Tuthmosis III Is Grandly Commemorated In A Tomb Culminating In A Large Hall With Curved Corners; His Sarcophagus Remains, The Lid Beside It Broken, His Mummy Among Those Discovered By Maspero. Even Grander Is The Tomb Of His Son Amenophis II, Here After Along Descent Of Ramps & More Than 90 Steps Through A Long Series Of Antechambers We Penetrate To Immense Hall. Glass Panels & Skillfully Concealed Lighting Show Off To Excellent Advantage One Of The Best Designed Decorative Schemes Of The New Kingdom. The Pillars Are Decorated With Life-Size Scenes Of Gods & & Pharaohs All On Religious Themes. The Scheme Terminates At A Lower Level In The Tomb Chamber.

In The Burial Chamber Of Amenophis II, 16 Mummies Were Found In 1898. Among Them Were 10 Known Royal Mummies: Tuthmosis IV, Ammophis III, Seti II, Ramsisvi, Merenptah, & Amenophis II Himself. All These Mummies Were Taken To Cairo Museum.At The End Of The Eighteenth Dynasty & After The Interlude Of Akhenaten We Come To Tutankhamen. * The Tomb Of Tutankhamen In The Valley Of The Kings:

In 1922 Egyptology’s Event Of The Century Took Place When Howard Carter Discovered The Tomb Of Tutankhamen.The Fame Of Tutankhamen Derives From The Fact That In All History Of Egyptology His Is Only Royal Tomb Which Has Been Discovered Virtually Undisturbed & In Its Original State. The Tomb Thus Owed Its Fame To Its Contents Rather Than Its Structure.

Curse Of The Pharaohs: It Took Many Seasons To Clear The Tomb Of The Young Pharaoh Tutankhamen, & During That Time “Unusual Things” Began To Happen To The Members Of The Excavation; At Least 20 Of Them Died In Strange & Mysterious Ways, In The Valley Of The Kings Nowadays, Each Season Some Tombs Are Open To The Public & Others Are Closed For Research Or Restoration Work.Finally & Again, Egypttraveltips.Com Assure That The Kings Valley Is Wonderful & Recommended For The Tour.