The High Dam

The Huge Building Projects As The Suez Canal, The High Dam, & The Toshky Project Represent The Foundation Stones Of Modern Egyptian History.

Long Ago, The Floodwaters Of The Nile River Cause Much Devastation & Destruction For Agricultures & Human Life.

The Days When The Nile Dried Up Also Caused Much Harm. The Flooding Of The Nile Has Always Been A Focus Of Attention & Interest Among Egyptians For All Ages.

This Led To The Concern Of The Egyptians Or The Knowledge Of Mathematics, Astronomy, Geometry, & Planning For Years Of Drought.

Today, With The Building Of The High Dam, The Floods Of The Nile & Its Unexpected Conduct No Longer Present A Problem For Egyptians.

Actually There Is An Old Dam Called The Aswan Dam, But The High Dam Is About 7 Km. South Of The Old Dam. The 1st Stage Of The Construction Of The High Dam Was Completed In 1964. It Was Opened Officially By The President Sadat In January 1971.

The Dam Is 110 M. High & More Than 3 Km. Long. Its Construction Cost About One Billion American Dollars.

More Than 35000 Egyptian Workers Contributed To The Building Of The High Dam.

The Dam Created A Big Lake Called Nasser Lake, It Is About 500 K. Long.

One Of The Most Important Advantages Of The High Dam Is That It Protected The Country From The Dangers Of The Nile Floods. It Is Considered The Main Armor Against Flood.

It Also Saved The Water For Irrigation Throughout The Year.

It Also Led To Increase Of The Agriculture Land & The Improvement Of River Navigation.

Turbines That Are Powered By Rushing Water From The Dam Generate Electricity.