Turkey Location

The Country Of Turkey Is Located In A Distinguished Geographical Location, It Is Partially Located In The Continent Of Asia And In The Continent Of Europe, And Is Located At The Crossroads Of The Balkans, The Caucasus, The Middle East, And The Eastern Mediterranean, And Its Length Ranges From North To South Between 480-640 Km, And Reaches About 1609 Km From West To East.

The Country Of Turkey Is Bordered To The East By Azerbaijan And Iran, To The Southeast By Iraq And Syria, To The North By The Black Sea, To The Northeast By Georgia And Armenia, To The Southwest By The West By The Mediterranean And The Aegean Sea, And To The Northwest By The State Of Greece And Bulgaria, And Has An Area

The Total Is 783,562 Sq Km, Of Which 769,632 Sq Km Is Dry, And 13,930 Sq Km Of Water.

Turkey's Population

The Current Population Of Turkey Is 82,431,228 People, On The Twelfth Day Of December Of 2018, Based On The Latest Estimates Of The United Nations, Which Is Equivalent To 1.07% Of The Total World Population, And Ranks No. 19 In The List Of Countries By Population, And Reaches The Population Density Is 106 People Per Square Kilometer.

Climate In Turkey

Turkey's Climate Is Greatly Influenced By The Presence Of The Sea In The North, South, And West Of It, And The Mountains That Cover Most Areas Of The Country, Where Mountains And The Sea Cause Some Differences Between The Interior And Coastal Areas.

There Are Big Differences In Temperatures Between Summer And Winter, Where The Temperatures In January Reach Less Than The Freezing Point In The Interior, And -5 Degrees Celsius In Large Areas To The East, While In The Summer It Is Hot, Where The Temperature Exceeds In July, 20 ° C In All Regions Except The High Mountainous Areas, 25 ° C In The Regions Along The Mediterranean And Aegean, And 30 ° C In The Southeastern Regions.