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            Nubia is located called the Nubians.Those people lived in the region where it is now Lake Nasser,in the south of Egypt and to the north of Sudan and the tribes who lived there are

 Nubians lived along the Nile from Horny Hungarian Nile to the south, and even After Aswan to the north. A lot of studies done byarchaeologists and explorers confirmed that all the Pharaohskings of Egypt were people with dark skin and the features ofNegros such as hair, nose..etc leaving no room for doubt that Nubians in theirorigin are related to Noah their sole grandfather.




The Nubians are of themost religious peoples as they thought that there is life after deathand they dedicated their lives to be ready for that afterlife. Some of their prominent kings were Aank Amon whosename means in the Nubian language b Jr. sole Amon's (Amon shepherd) andKing Ramses and King Taharqa and others.

Long time ago, Nubians lived in the south of Egypt and had brown skin and spoke Nubianlanguage and they were divided into two main categories Alkinsah and Alvadegeh.





Individuals depended on cattle breeding, however, some groups left their places forunknown reasons. They gained some simple agricultural skills as aresult of exploitation of cliff mud and seasonal channels. They produced some minor crops, which contributed to stability. There were rich agricultural communities with a high level ofregulation in the area.

After the construction of the High Dam Nile,water rose behind it.  Water was reserved behind the High Dam had covered all that region. Nubians then moved to other places in Aswan and outside Aswan.




Most of Nubians are characterized by dark skin. The Nubian language is divided into two main categories: Alkinsah and  Alvadegeh  and these two categories have five different dialects.

These dialects are found in south Egypt and north Sudan in Halfa Valley. Nubians speak Arabic fluently and some of them speak other languages like English, French, German and Italian due to working in the field of tourism and dealing with tourists of different nationalities.