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When you will be in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, you will never feel lonely traveler! In fact you will enjoy travelling through time, from one period to another.


Cairo which has enfolded various civilizations does not concede to mortality which has overcome.

Cairo is the city where past & present meet, invites you to come & enjoy its beautiful all-year weather, & visit the immortal monuments & relics.


Cairo is considered today, as it has been throughout history, a link between various nations of the world.

International Airlines from Europe, Africa, & Asia pass through the Egyptian capital making it a transit point or many international travelers.

Cairo International Airport was built according to the latest international systems to receive the increasing numbers of tourists & passengers.


 Cairo is the city of one thousand years, one thousand minarets, the city of mosques, Al-Azhar, the biggest city on the African continent & it is the city of beauty.

The age of Cairo is estimated to be more than one thousand years starting from the Islamic victory of Egypt in 641 AD. The minarets of the more than one thousand mosques radiate in Cairo skyline.

Cairo is considered the biggest city among the countries of Africa. It has a population of more than 20 million people. It is Al-Moezz Ledin Allahs Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

Cairo lies at the intersection of the 2 branches of the Nile Delta, Damietta & Rasheed; it is also considered a junction between Africa & the Arabian Peninsula as well as between Europe & Asia.



So Cairo throughout its history was the center of trade between the East & the West due to its distinctive geographic position.

Cairo is considered Egypts commercial, political, Cultural, & military center & one of the most beautiful cities for entertainment & tourism.

There lies the oldest university in history, the dignified Al-Azhar that is consider the most important center for religious education in the Islamic world.


In the time of the Pharaohs Cairo was known as (Own). It was also named by the Greeks as (Heliopolis) which means the city of the sun, & it is itself the New Egypt, Masr Aljadida today.

The Greeks transferred the capital to Alexandria that had become the capital of the Greek Empire.


 A thousand years later, Muslims crossed the desert & pitched their tents on (Al-Fostat) that is considered the foundation of the new Cairo.

Later on, after 900 AD. The Fatimids came & Al-moezz Li Deen illah Al-Faatmi street became the center of the Fatimid Caliph.


Today Cairo is expanding in all directions with unprecedented development & progress. It has become one of the few capitals in the world referred to as famous in all fields & specializations.