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 Alexandria library

Alexandria library it was one of the biggest library in the world in the ancient time

And it was called Alexandria library ether it was great library in the ancient time it has 700000 books


 New Library of Alexandria Library of Alexandria is the revival of old libraries greater asymmetries in huge project carried out by Egypt in conjunction with the United Nations, where the building of a new Library in a site near the old library Shatby area in the city. It was the opening of the Library in modern 16 October 2002 [ 1] global presen 



France offered the biggest deal in the history of the libraries cultural gift of up to half a million books in French in several different subjects (science - ethics history - geographical -

to the Library of Alexandria with this gift will be francophone Library of Alexandria Library second in the world afterNew York Library in the richness of its collections in French 



and besiad the book in the liprary there is 2 musiem 

The Museum of the library, and includes a museum Onreporting Egyptian civilization different from the Pharaonic era until the Islamic civilization through the Greek came to Egypt with invasion of Alexander. The effects of the Alexandria Library museum is the first of which was followed by Roman civilization and then Coptic before entering Islam to Egypt. The group about 1079 pieces 

scripts museum is one of academic centers attached to the Library of Alexandria.