1/ It is very necessary to take with you while you are traveling personal photos of you because if you lost your passport, you can look at a travel certificate from the most expected consulate to you, its time you will need the personal photos de ... Please be knowledgeable that the dimensions of the personal photos needed for the passport differ from one country to another, for the Egyptians the required images for the passport be 4x6 with a white background...

2/ Personal bills pocket:

It is the most important need for the traveler, of course, the passport, airline ticket, money, credit card, travel permit or the position of recruitment for young people (if it is not installed in the passport), the security clearance for the countries for which a security permit is required.

3/There is nothing left of any tourist trip or an increase in any country other than a set of beautiful memorial photos during the trip, and we are often exposed to bad circumstances such as when the battery of the camera ends charging at a time when you want to take a special picture in a special place or with distinguished people and to evade such situations make sure of Taking spare batteries through your trip so you never miss a beautiful sight or remembrance you want to retain in your life album.

4/If you are traveling to a goal in any foreign country, you should always carry local currency and currency for that nation. This is to stop publicity to bad situations that impede your enjoyment of your tourist trip, such as finding ATMs or an international credit card that may not work universally. Also, you should be aware of using payment methods in different countries before starting the journey.

5/Want to taste the local food? Go where the locals go. Food in the tourist areas is usually unsatisfactory and not of enough quality, unlike the great indoor restaurants that give authentic dishes at reasonable prices.

/6 It may seem suitable to cover distances on foot and save money, but this is not deserving of it because you will lose the time you would have invested in visiting another set of landmarks in the town.