Cairo Information

Here Is Some Information About Cairo

Cairo Is The Biggest Capital City In The Middle East And Africa.A Lot Of Travelers Arrive In Cairo Everyday.

Two Million Persons May Arrive In Cairo Every Morning And Leave In   The Evening. They Come To Cairo For Different Reasons. They May Come To Do Some Business Or For Tours.  Cairo Is The Center Of All Governmental Organizations Ofegypt.

Cairo Is The Chief Commercial And Industrial Center In Egypt. There Are Different Kinds Of Industries Like Cotton Textiles, Foodproducts, Construction Supplies, Motor Vehicles, Aircrafts, And Chemicalfertilizers. Iron And Steel Are Produced In The South Just Outsidethe City. Cairo Is Also A Center For Governmental Activities And Service Industries

Cairo Covers An Area Of More Than 453 Sq. Km (More Than 175 Sq. M), Though It Is Difficult To Separate The

City From Some Of Its Immediate Suburbs. Bracketed By The Desert To The East, South, And West And Bounded By The Fertile Nile Delta To The North, Cairo Sits Astride The River, Though It Spreads Farther On The East Bank Than The West. Cairo Also Includes Several River Islands.  At The Center Of Cairo Thereis Tahrir Square.

Cairo Was Estimated To Have A Population Of 16 Million (The Population In 1998). The People Of Cairo Are Known As Cairenes.  Nearly All Of Them Are Egyptianswith A Small Number Of Foreigners. The City Is An Important Center Of Islamic Faith, And Cairenes Are Predominantly Sunni Muslims; However, The City Is Also Home To A Sizable Coptic Community,

In Cairo You Will Probably Enjoy A Lot Of Sightseeing Like The PyramidsCairo Museum, Khan Al Khalily, The Castle Of Muhammad Ali And Coptic Monuments. In The Evening There Are Many Places To Go Like Malls:  City Starsmall In Nasr City And Mall El Arab In 6th Of October Where Youcan Go Shopping And Go To The Cinema. Also There Are Many Restaurants In Which You Canhave Meals.You Can Go To The Sound And Light Show In The Pyramids At Night.You Will Enjoy It Very Much.

From Cairo You Can Move Easily To Other Cities. You Can Fly From Cairo Airport Or Take A Train To Go Anywhere Inegypt: Alexandria Or Upper Egypt. You Can Use Buses To Go To Cities Like Hurghada And Sharm El Sheikh As There Are No Railroads Reaching There.