Famous Kings And Queen 


Ancient King Was Not Only The Most Powerful & Important Man In Egypt – He Was Thought To Be A God. He Was Known As The Pharaoh – A Word Referring To The King By Describing Him As The “Great House” (Per- Ao) , Meaning The Palace Where He Lived.

The Queen Of Egypt Could Also Be Seen As A Goddess But Was Usually Given The Title Of “Great Royal Wife” – Only Rarely Did Women Rule Egypt In Their Own Right.

There Was An Effective System Of Training A Prince To Become A Pharaoh, Involving Him Becoming An Expert Sportsman & Potential War Leader.

Often The Ruling King Would Adopt His Heir As A “Co-Regent” To Enable A Smooth Take-Over When He Died.

One King From Ancient Kings Holds The Record For The Longest Reign We Know For Any Monarch. Pepi II Came To The Thrown When He Was Six Years Old. He Was Still King Of Egypt 94 Years Later When He Was 100.

It Is Quite Remarkable In Egypt’s Long History That We Have Only A Few References To Kings Being Assassinated, Usually As A Result Of A Plot In The Court.

Almost Every Society Has Been Linked In Structure To The Pyramid. No Society Better Fits The Analogy Than That Of Ancient Egypt. At The Apex Of Egyptian Society Stood The Pharaoh, King, Who Was God & King In One.

Ancient Kings  & Queens Of Old Kingdom : Menes ”Narmer” Who Made The Unity Between Upper & Lower Egypt , Zoser , Senru , Queen Hotepheres , Cheops , Chefren , Micerius , Pepi II .

Ancient  Kings & Queens Of Middle Kingdom : Montuhotep II , Amenemhat III , Senusert III .

Ancient Kings & Queens Of New Kingdom: Ahmose, Amenhotep I , Queen Hatshepsut , Thermoses III ,

Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), Queen Nefertiti,

Tutankhamen, Ramses II, Ramses III.

Ancient Kings & Queens Of Late Period & Ptolemaic Dynasty:

Piankhi, Tahoka, Pesmatic, Nectanebo II, Alexander The Great , Ptolemy I , Cleopatra VII .