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There Is Many Places You Can Visit In Jordan, And Her We Will Talk About The Most Famouse Places 


Petra Was Left Deserted And Hidden From The World For Hundreds Of Years. After Being Rediscovered In The 1800s, The Lost City Of Petra Is Now Not Only Jordan’s Leading Tourist Attraction, It’s Also One Of The World’s Most Incredible Archaeological Sites, And Was Recently Voted As One Of The New Seven Wonders Of The World. To Reach Petra You Walk Through A Narrow 1.2km Gorge, Known As The Siq. The Rocks Give Way To Reveal The Incredible Facade Of Al Kazneh (The Treasury), Which Served As A Royal Tomb, But Got Its Name From The Legend That Pirates Hid Their Treasure There. The Treasury Famously Featured As The Holy Grail's Last Resting Place In The Film 'Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade'.

Wadi Rum

One Of The Most Spectacular Natural Environments In The Middle East, The Desert Scenery Of WADI RUM (Rhymes With “Dumb”, Not “Doom”) Is A Major Highlight Of A Visit To Jordan. The Wadi Itself Is One Of A Sequence Of Parallel Faults Forming Valleys In The Sandy Desert South Of The Shara Mountains. They Are Oriented Almost Perfectly North–South, Shaped And Characterized By Giant Granite, Basalt And Sandstone Mountains Rising Up To 800m Sheer From The Desert Floor. The Rocky Landscape Has Been Weathered Over The Millennia Into Bulbous Domes And Weird Ridges And Textures That Look Like Nothing So Much As Molten Candle-Wax, But It’s The Sheer Bulk Of These Mountains That Awes – Some With Vertical, Smooth Flanks, Others Scarred And Distorted, Seemingly Dripping And Melting Under The Burning Sun. The Intervening Level Corridors Of Soft Red Sand Only Add To The Image Of The Mountains As Monumental Islands In A Dry Sea. Split Through By Networks Of Canyons And Ravines, Spanned By Naturally Formed Rock Bridges And Watered By Hidden Springs, The Mountains Offer Opportunities Galore For Scrambling And Rock-Climbing, Where You Could Walk For Hours Or Days Without Seeing Another Soul.

The Dead Sea

The Lowest Point On The Earth’s Surface, The Dead Sea Is The Saltiest Water On Earth. It’s Also The Lowest Point On Earth.  If This Isn’t Enough To Get You Excited About Visiting, How About The Fact That Because Of Its Extremely High Salt Content When You Get In The Water The Dead Sea Is A Fascinating Natural Phenomena. Straddling The Border Between Israel And Jordan, The Mineral Content Of This 75km-Long And 10km-Wide Saltwater Lake Is 33%, Which Is About Six Times As Salty As A Normal Ocean. This Incredibly High Salt Content Means The Dead Sea Is Extremely Buoyant, Making It Impossible To Sink Or Swim In - The Only Option Is To Bob Around Like A Cork! It’s Called The Dead Sea As Nothing Can Live In It. There Are No Fish, Seaweed Or Plants Of Any Kind In Or Around The Water. What You’ll See On The Shores Are Clusters Of White Salt Crystals. These Salts Are Mineral Salts, Which Is Just Like You Find In The Oceans Of The World, Only In Extreme Concentrations. Many Believe That These Salts Have Curative Powers And Therapeutic Qualities, And So The Dead Sea Is A Great Place To Try Out A Spot Of Pampering In The Local Spas.


A Close Second To Petra On The List Of Favorite Destinations In Jordan Is The Ancient City Of Jerash, Its  One Of The Best-Preserved Member Cities Of The Decapolis, A Confederation Of 10 Graeco-Roman Cities, And When Emperor Hadrian Paid A Visit In 129 AD, The Place Was Buzzing. The Citizens Threw Up A Triumphal Arch For Him Which Still Stands Today. Exemplifying The Finesse Of Roman Urban Life, The Town Boasts A Hippodrome, An Old Sports Field That Once Held 15,000 Spectators And A Stunning Amphitheatre With Amazing, It Is The  One From The Best Place To Visit In Jordon


Aqaba Is One Of The Major Tourist Attractions In Jordan, And Famous For Its Warm Water And Rich Marine Life. It Is Best Known Today As A Seaside And Diving Resort And Also As A Home For Jordan's Mega Projects. However, Industrial And Commercial Activities Remain Important, Due To The Strategic Location Of The City As The Country's Only Seaport Seaport

You Can Make In Aqaba Diving And Snorkeling In Clubs To The South And The  Aaba Its Near The Big Destinations Of Wadi Rum And Petra