Safari In Egyptian Sahara

Worldtraveltime That There Is Something You Can Add To Your Plan For Learning & Fun At The Time, It Is Safari Tour.

Worldtraveltime Offering You Various Programs, For Adventures, Through The Egyptian Desert Starting From One Day Till 17 Days. It Is A Mixture Of Experiences Between The Rough Nature & Its Pure Beauty. It Will Be A New Experience In Life, Including Safety & Comfort.

Worldtraveltime Will Mention Here The Most Famous Safari Tours In Egypt, They Are As Follows:

Farafra & The Wite Desert

For The Travelers To Farafra It Is Wise To Stay On The Main Road & Only Venture Into The Desert With A Local Guide. Farafra Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World But, Like Many Beautiful Things, It Can Be Deadly. It Is Far Into The Western Desert, Hundreds Of Kilometers From A Large City With Modern Services.

There Is No Perfect Time To See The White Desert Of Farafra. It Wears Too Many Faces & Too Many Moods.

Each Day Offers A New Treat. Each Hour A New Change. First There Is A Color. It Intensifies Under Certain Light. It Elongates, Deepens, Lightens, & Bursts Forth Into Wonderful Shades Of White, Blue & Bubbling Gold.

Either In Winter Or Summer, The Formations Of Rocks Here Appear Romantic & Unique.

Local Guides Designate A Small Area Of The Desert Between Qasr Farafra & He Escapement To The North East As The White Desert, But Actually Most Of The Desert Floor Beginning 8 Km. (5 Miles) North East Of Qasr Has White Outcroppings & The Entire Area Could Be Called The White Desert.

The White Desert Is A Paradise For Rock Hounds & Amateur Geologists. There Are Hundreds Of Thousands Of Iron Pyrites& Marcasite In Variety Of Shapes & Sizes, There Are Many Fossils Also.

Behind The Road Of Ain Della The Entire Panorama Of Inselberg Comes Into View, The Sand Is Covered With Hummocks & Monoliths.

Bahariya & Sahara Suda (The Black Desert)

If You Can Take Only One Tour In Bahariya, This Should Be It. Landscape Of Bahaiya Is Dominated By Dozens & Dozens Of Small Black-Topped Mountains.

The Darb Al-Arbain Desert (The Desert Of The Forty Days’ Road):

The Darb Al-Arbain Desert Is Drier Than The Rest Of The Libyan Desert & Constitute A Separate Arid Region.

Uwaynat Desert

This Area Is One Of The Last Unknown Regions Of The World. Rainfall Is Less That A Millimeter A Year & May Fall Once Every 10 Years At Gebel Uwaynat & Every 20 Years At The Gilf Kebir.

Mountains Are A Dominant Feature Of This Area Of The Desert.

There Are So Many Rock Paintings & Engravings In The Sahara & Libyan Desert. In The Southwestern Corner Of Egypt Alone Over 4000 Images Have Been Found.  The Rock Art Cats A Path From Uwaynat & The Gilf Kebir Through Libya & Chad Into Algeria & Nigeria & Continues Into Mali.

Worldtraveltime Makes Sure Of The Pleasure Which You Can Get During Safari Tours In Egypt.

Short Safari Trip

If Are In A Hurry & Your Vacation Is Not Long, There Is A Short Safari Trip Sometimes, For Example, You Can Enjoy The Quad Bike Adventure In The Wild Desert Of Luxor For 2, 3,4 Or 5 Hour.

Worldtraveltime Hope You A Very Pleasant Time For Safari Tours Or Trips.