Egyptology Guides

In Egypt you can find the guides for your trip by many ways if you want guide stay with you in your trip,

 Since years ago I t wasn't easy to find all language tour guide you looking for

 It was easy to find English speaking guide or French or Germany or Italy speaking guide

 But now there

Is many another language  you can find  with many guides in Egypt there is Spanish  speaking guide, Holland speaking g,

Poland, Irish, Russian Japanese, shines speaking guide

And if you want guide stay with you in all your trip in Egypt you just till your travel agency you need your guide in all your trip

Now in Egypt you can find defriend accent with guides, you can find guide speak American English or British English even in French you can find guide speak French Parisian

And in Egyptian guide there is guide specialist in Egyptology he study pharaohs history and hieroglyphic  

in Egypt if you want get license to be guide you have to study 4 years in collage after high school  in this college specialist in gaudiness or  you can study 2 years in diploma for gaudiness after you finished your 4  years in college 

Before the tour guide Get license to start work must be stay period of training in the Ministry of Tourism and in general syndicate to tourist guides and then gets license,

 tourist guides in Egypt works are free  license guide they not an employee in a Travel agent they works whenever requested to do so and pay him daily wage on the work done

and in Egypt the most languages are available in the period current as we have mentioned, and you can hire a guide to explain one temple  for you, or you can hire guide stay with you during all your trip  and there are some guides who specialize in some things more than some of their colleagues, there is a bird guide, who knows the whereabouts of bird species personality criteria route and her life and places Set up and migrating and there are some guides specialists in safari in the desert and this type of tour guides who are deployed in places such as on the desert  like Oases and Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh

 and the travel agent can to provide you with any guides you love to be with you during your trip in Egypt and or  can be with you in all place you go one different  guide that if you want Egyptology  could be with you a guide specializing in Egyptian history  and if you will go to desert  could be with you another guide specializing in the desert

most tourist guides are familiar in travel agent  who is the  guide get good reports from thanking report  about his information and his services this reports make travel agent  keep him work  with it for long time .