Alexandria Governorate

 Alexandria  A World Renowned Winter Resort, Has Beautiful & Numerous Beaches. Its Northern Coast From Sallum O Rafah Is About 1200 Km. Long, Its Eastern Coastline From Suez To Halayeb Is Some 1100 Km. Long.

Alexandria Is The Shining Pearl Of The Mediterranean & He Beacon Radiating Its Deep-Rooted Culture & Heritage To The World At Large.    

Alexandria Is The 2nd Largest City & The Main Seaport Of Egypt

Alexandria Was Built By The Greek Architect “Dinocrates” 332 – 331 B.C. On The Site Of An Old Fishing Village Called “Rhakotis” At The Order Of Alexander The Great.

The City Immortalizing Alexander’s Name, Flourished Beyond All Expectations, Into A Prominent Cultural, Intellectual & Economic Metropolis, The Remains Of Which Are Still Evident To This Day.

 Alexandria Was The Famous Capital Of The Ptolemies, With Numerous & Diverse Monuments. It Was The Scene Of The Most Thrilling Drama Involving Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, And Mark Antony & Octavius.

 Alexandria Lies North-West Of The Nile Delta & Adjoins Lake Mariut, It Is Linked To Cairo By The Delta Road (About 230 Km.) & The Desert Road (About 225 Km.)

 Alexandria Is One Of The Most Notable Summer Resorts In The Middle East, For, In Addition To Its Temperate Winters, Its Beaches, With Soft Sands & Magnificent Scenery, Stretch For 40 Km. Along The Mediterranean Sea, From Abu Kir In The East, To Sidi Kreir In The West.

Under The Rule Of Ptolemy The 2nd, The Farous Tower (Lighthouse) Was Built In About 280 B.C. It Was 135 M. High, Regarded As The 1st Lighthouse To Guide Ships In History & Also Regarded As One Of The 7 Wonders Of The World.Ptolemy The 2nd Also Established A Large Library East Of The Main Port Of Alexandria. It Is Alexandria Library It Is Reported That It Contained About 490,000 Written Works. It Is Said That The Royal Palace & The Tomb Of Alexander The Great Were Also In That Area.

 Alexandria Became One Of The Largest Centers For Christianity In The Byzantine Empire. It Was The Residence Of The Christian Patriarch’s Chair. With The Islamic Victory In About 640 A.D. The Capital Of Egypt Was Moved To Fostat (That Later Became Part Of Cairo) After 1805 A.D. The Ottoman Ruler “Mohamed Ali” Ordered A Canal To Be Built To Link Alexandria With The Nile River & Provided An Opportunity To Cultivate Vast Areas Of Land In The City’s Suburbs.

Alexandria Is The City Of Philosophers, Poets, & Scientists, Of Magic & Beauty, The City Of The 1st University & Library In History. It Is The Old Kingdom Of The Mediterranean Basin….

Tourist Attractions :

  • The Graeco-Roman Museum.
  • Pompeii’s Pillar.
  • The Roman Theatre.
  • The Catacombs Of Kom El-Shoqafa.
  • Al-Shatby Necropolis.
  • The Tombs Of El-Anfushi.
  • The Tombs Of Mustafa Kamel (Rushdy)
  • The Fort Of Qait Bay.
  • The Mosque Of Mursi Abul Abbas.
  • Al-Montazah Palace.
  • Ras El-Teen Palace.
  • The Royal Jewellery Museum.
  • The Museum Of The Fine Art.
  • The Hydrobiological Institute & Museum.
  • Antoniadis Gardens.

Many Magnificent Tourist Hotels Are Located On The Coast Of Alexandria As:

El-Montazah Sheraton, Palestine Hotel, Ramada Rinisiana, Saint Giovani, Poleman Cicil, Agamy Palace & Hanoville Hotels.