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Tipping  in Egypt means (baksheesh) in Arabic.

Most of things you will do it need to give tipping in Egypt because the most service you will got it excluding  tipping unless if you with tour company and the travel agency told you this trip including tipping, if they did not told you that this mean the tippingnot including your program and you have to bay it




 Why we bay tipping in Egypt?

In Egypt the people spicily whose work in tourism depends on their life on tipping because there salary not much

And if you will notbay tipping you will get your service any way but if you will baytipping you will get your service perfectly and you will get it on timewith all-time need it with all service need it and more 




In Egypt the people work in nile cruise  take tipping,

 in Nile cruise you have to pay tipping in the  end of your trip  toreceptionist  they take the tipping of all of the boat and give it forall the stuff if you will be in Nile cruise the people you will see them in the Nile cruise work there are just 10 % from the worker there is 90 % you will not see they work in machines and kitchen and ……………..

The guide accept tipping, the travel agency representative accept tipping and the drivers and in restaurants accept tipping





How much you will bay as tipping ?

This is depends on you   example in restaurants you can bay 10 % from you bill  and forguide if you find the guide was useful for you and he has goodexperience in his work   you will  estimated his tipping  and thisApplies to every one work for you and the people in Egypt they are always satisfied for anything you  will give it to them